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15 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Gosh, I was not sure where to post this. I have looked at your beautiful patterns and honestly it is difficult for me to say what you should have more of…I would say everything. All of your work is amazing. If I could make a request it would be a for a rectangle shaped poncho which could be sized up for plus size. I saw someone in Seattle wearing a poncho that was rectangle the side were open and there was a slight collar that looked a bit like a cowl neck sweater. The whole thing looked like a lovely blanket that someone had added an opening for your head in the middle. With all the beautiful squares and circles you make, I think you could create a lovely piece. The truth is whatever you make will be lovely. Thank you for sharing so much talent and beauty with us all.
    Lori VanDusen

  2. Hi,

    I’ve taken up tunisian crochet thanks to you :-). I love the triangle cushion you have made, do you have a pattern for it? I can’t find a tunisian triangle pattern any where 😦

    • Hi Elaine
      I’m so pleased that I inspired you to take up Tunisian crochet. I will be releasing a pattern for the triangle cushion this year and also a kit. It probably won’t be until at least March though.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I love your ribbon Christmas tree ornament. And copied the pattern. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the picture to add to the pattern. The pattern is to make for my own tree. However I have been collecting several crocheted ornament patterns for my tree and I don’t want to forget which one this is. I am 73 so forgetting is a real problem. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I’m interested in learning crochet especially Tunisian crochet but have no idea where to start. Where do you buy your materials abd can you reccommend somethings to get me started? Your work is inspiring and i can’t wait to get started. Thanks, Sophia

    • Hi Sophia, if you’re in Melbourne you could do one of my workshops which would give you everything you need to learn Tunisian crochet 🙂 Otherwise, to start off, all you need is a 6mm hook and some yarn and there are many good online tutorials and youtube videos available.

  5. Hi! Loving your colour inspirations! Quick question…as you know we are stuck for choice here in Australia….where do you find is the best place online to source your yarn from? Having just discovered the world of crochet, I’d love some tips! Thank you 😊😊😊

    • Hi 😀 Our lack of good yarn choice here is so frustrating isn’t it! I buy most of my yarn from Little Woollie here in Aus and Wool Warehouse (in the UK but flat rate post is only $10 and usually gets here in a week. Hope this helps.

  6. Unable to get the link to work for the tunisian crochet washcloth posted on the Ravelry site. Is there any way that I could get the pattern emailed to me?

  7. Hi Michelle, wondering if the shrug pattern (with little granny squares) that is photographed on your website, is uploaded anywhere? I’ve searched through both Etsy and Ravelry but with no success. Thanks. Jan

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