Vivo Bolster Cushion Pattern


Hooray it’s new pattern day! I’m excited to introduce my Vivo bolster cushion pattern to you today.   She’s bold, she’s colourful and so much fun to have in your home.

I’m so happy with how this pattern has turned out and hope you will love her as much as I do.

Getting Vivo ready for the world has been a slow process though. I actually finished making the cushion several months ago but I must admit to a tiny bit of procrastination when it came to writing up the actual pattern. But it’s all done now and back from the testers ready to go.


Inspired by the colourful ethnic textiles from around the world, this stunning cushion is created using tapestry crochet and textured stitches to create the designs.

The pattern is rated as intermediate, mainly for all the colour changes but it is not as complicated as it looks using only basic stitches and each design element is set out in strips with easy to follow short pattern repeats for each section.


The pattern also includes a quick guide to tapestry crochet, photo tutorials for the special stitches used and full colour charts for all the different design strips as well as smaller charts for just the pattern repeats to save you going cross-eyed working from the whole chart.

There are two versions of the pattern available. One written in US terms and one using UK/Aus terms and can be found in all the usual places :

 Etsy:   US Terms       UK/Aus Terms

Love Crochet:   US Terms     UK/Aus Terms

Ravelry:          Here   (Ravelry will only allow one listing per design so your download will include both versions of the pattern as 2 separate files. You will only need to print the one you need)

I hope you enjoy.

Until next time

Michelle x


Crochet-Along Save The Date and other news


I’ve been locked away in my little craft room of late working on lots of new projects. I’m so excited about all of them, I don’t know where to start!

So let’s start from the start….

First up I’m super excited to join the team at My Poppet where I’ll be a crochet contributor.  To kick off, we’ll be having a crochet-along making my Carnivale Cushion.  More details will be posted on the official launch date of 23rd April but for now Save the Date!  I really love this fun pattern and I hope you’ll all join me.

In other news …

I’ve also got my pattern writing mojo back!  I lost it there for awhile but I couldn’t ignore my groaning sketchbooks or my bursting brain any longer.  So, I’ve been plugged into the computer, tapping away and furiously crocheting up samples.

Here’s a little sneak peek at the next pattern…


This is such a fun pattern.  I can’t wait to release it!  Just waiting for the tardy postman to deliver the rest of the yarn I need to finish making the samples (can you hear me waiting Mr Postie?)

So that’s just a couple of things, I’ve been up to.

Will be back with more shortly x



My first pattern

After years of faffing about, overflowing sketchbooks full of design ideas, a cupboard full of prototypes, and many mutterings of  ‘one day’ I’ve finally done it.  I’ve published my first pattern and here it is …. ta daaa!

I’ve named it Kallora – which is a bit of a mash up of  the words kaleidoscope/colour/aura.  I actually have migraine aura’s that look very similar to this.  Whilst very vibrant and pretty they are a pain and I would prefer not to have my very own disco in my head.  But if they are good for one thing then they’ve inspired this pattern.

You can find it on Ravelry and Etsy