Fleur Motif free pattern

Fleur_Motif_header by poppyandbliss

*** MAY 2019 UPDATE *** :  I’ve just published a modified version of this motif and pattern for a blanket.  Read more about it here 

Fleur Baby Blanket by poppyandbliss.com

Hello lovely bloggy friends.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.  How have you been?

I’ve been missing in action working on a now kaput project.  I won’t go into what it was but it was an interesting experience that sucked me dry creatively and sent me into the land of frustration and insecurity.  However I did learn a lot about myself along the way and what direction I wanted to take Poppy & Bliss so all was not lost. Onwards and upwards! So now I’ve dusted myself off and jumping back in the saddle again and working on lots of new patterns and trying to get my blogging mojo back on again.

Here’s a quick and easy little motif pattern for you today.  Enjoy!

Fleur_Motif_group by poppyandbliss

Size:  aprox 7 cm (3 inches)

What you’ll need:

  • 8ply cotton in 2 colours
  • 3.5mm hook

US terms used 


ch       chain

dc       double crochet

hdc     half double crochet

sl st   slip stitch

sp       space

tr        treble crochet

yo      yarn over

Special Stitches Used:


  • yo, insert hook into ring and draw up loop,
  • yo draw through 2 loops (2 loops on hook),
  • yo, insert hook into ring, yo, draw up loop (4 loops on hook),
  • yo, draw through 2 loops,
  • yo, draw through remaining 3 loops on hook



Using contrast colour make a magic ring (or ch 3 and join with a sl st)

Round 1:

  • Ch 3, dc 1, ch 1, 2dc cluster, ch 3 (corner space)
  • *2dc cluster, ch 1, 2dc cluster, ch 3
  • repeat from * twice more
  • Join with a sl st into top of starting ch3

 Round 2:

  • Sl st over and into to next ch 1 sp
  • *[2 dc,3 tr, 2 dc] into next ch 3 sp
  • sl st into next ch 1 sp **
  • Repeat from * to ** 3 more times, working the last sl st into the top of the first
  • Fasten off

Round 3:  Note – all stitches in this round are worked into back loop only

  • Join White yarn into the centre st of any corner from previous round
  • (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) into same stitch
  • dc into next 3 sts , tr down into the ch 1 sp below in Round 1, dc  into next 3 sts
  • *(3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) , dc  into next 3 sts, tr into ch 1 sp below in Round 1, dc  into next 3 sts
  • Repeat from * twice
  • Join with sl st into top of first ch 3.  Fasten off

Round 4:  

  • Join contrast colour into any corner space
  • [ch 2, 2 hdc] into same space
  • hdc into next 13 sts
  • *3 hdc into corner sp, hdc 13
  • Repeat from * to end
  • Join with a sl st into top of first ch 2.   Fasten off

Fleur_Motif_4 by poppyandbliss

Make lots! Joined together, they make a cheerful cushion (or blanket if you’re game)

Fleur_Motif_Cushion by poppyandbliss

Even the motif centres look pretty cute just as they are.  A pretty flower garland perhaps?

Fleur_Motif_Centres by poppyandbliss

Until next time, happy hooking.

Michelle x

Carnivale Cushion CAL Part 4 and other news



Hello my lovely bloggy friends

Today’s post is bought to you by my left hand.  I’ve gone and given myself a crochet injury  and managed to temporarily paralyze my neck and right arm.  Ouch!  Yes!    I don’t mention this for sympathy but as a warning to you all out there in crochet land to stretch …. stretch …. and then stretch some more and don’t sit for hours on end trying to obsessively finish a project.

Last week I went on a crochet binge trying to finish off a new pattern I’ve designed (more on that later) but was stopped in my tracks 5 rows short of finishing.  So frustrating and annoying! But perhaps a timely warning for me to slow down.

I’m on the mend now with lots of Voltaren, Valium and rest.  Then once I get more movement back I’ll be limiting my hooking and doing LOTS of stretching.

In the mean time we’re zooming along with our Carnivale Cushion CAL and it’s time to start on making the back of the cushion.  All the instructions are up at My Poppet.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all your cushions coming together.  They are all gorgeous so far!


And here’s a little sneak peek of my new pattern.  I’m really loving the colours in this which are more subdued than my usual brights.  Yes, there are lots of ‘circle in square’ patterns out there already but I’ve tried to add a few different design techniques that I hope will make it a little more unique than the patterns we’ve already seen  ….


and here’s where it sits waiting to be finished …



Until next time

Happy hooking

Michelle x

Carnivale CAL update


Wow!  I’m blown away with all the fabulous creations I’m seeing in the Carnivale CAL.  This is only a small, random selection and I will be putting together a full gallery once we are finished.  But for now I just love seeing how different each one is with all the many colour variations.

Are you crocheting-along too?  It’s not too late if you’d like to join in.  All the pattern instructions are over on My Poppet blog.

Until next time,

Happy hooking

Michelle x

Carnivale Cushion: Crochet-along Part 3



Hi there

How are you enjoying the Carnivale CAL so far?  I’ve loved seeing all your wonderful creations on Instagram and Ravelry – what a creative bunch you are!

The next lot of instructions to finish off the front are now up at My Poppet so head on over and let’s start hooking.

Don’t forget, you can share your progress pictures or ask any questions  over in our Ravelry group or tag them with #carnivalecal on Instagram.

Happy hooking everyone.

Michelle x


Carnivale Cushion: CAL Pattern Part 1


Hi there

I don’t know about you, but the last fortnight has both flown by and dragged on.  By now you will have all your supplies ready for the Carnivale CAL .  I’m bursting to get started!  Are you?

Well, the wait is over and the time has finally arrived!  The first part of the pattern  is now up.  Yay!  Head on over to My Poppet for all the instructions to get started.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions along the way, you can ask me  over in our Ravelry group where I’ll be checking in twice a day.

Happy hooking everyone.

Michelle x