My first pattern

After years of faffing about, overflowing sketchbooks full of design ideas, a cupboard full of prototypes, and many mutterings of  ‘one day’ I’ve finally done it.  I’ve published my first pattern and here it is …. ta daaa!

I’ve named it Kallora – which is a bit of a mash up of  the words kaleidoscope/colour/aura.  I actually have migraine aura’s that look very similar to this.  Whilst very vibrant and pretty they are a pain and I would prefer not to have my very own disco in my head.  But if they are good for one thing then they’ve inspired this pattern.

You can find it on Ravelry and Etsy


2 thoughts on “My first pattern

  1. Congratulations on your first pattern, I understand why you have taken your time in getting there because it is not easy to pattern write, then you have to check it to make sure you have not missed anything. Wishing you lots of luck with your sales.

  2. hello l just want to say that l love your work especially your blankets, do you have patterns for the blankets, hexagon/ granny square.
    colours are beautiful, l am close to the East Keilor shop that l am going to call into also.

    Pam D

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