Featured in Simply Crochet. Let’s celebrate with a giveaway …


Excited little happy dances were had this week with the release of the latest Simply Crochet and my Kallora pattern featured in the 5 Fab Finds column.  How exciting!!

I’m feeling just a little bit chuffed and a tiny bit proud.  It’s nice to be recognised 🙂

To celebrate, I think a giveaway is in order …

giveawayheaderTo enter, leave a comment and tell me:

What you’d like to see more of on my blog

(leave your email address too so that I can notify winners)

I will choose 3 winners to select a pattern of your choice from my shop

Winners will be selected Sunday 3rd August

Good luck !

Until next time,

Michelle x


32 thoughts on “Featured in Simply Crochet. Let’s celebrate with a giveaway …

  1. I can’t think of a thing I would like to see more of other than just more of everything! Your blog is so colorful and happy and your patterns are truly one of a kind! Congrats on your feature! It was fun seeing you in my simply crochet magazine!

  2. I love your choice of colours and contempory design so please can we have more of the same. I am rather partial to spots though.

  3. I love visiting your blog and browsing through old posts! All your creations are fab because they are so unique and colourful!! 🌈
    I got involved in the recent Carnivale Cal and I throughly enjoyed it! It was such a pleasure to do and watch everyone else make theirs too along the way was lovely. So I would like to see more CALs on the blog pleeease!
    Love Crafty Little Crochet (Jonica)

    • I love your use of colour, everything you make is so bright and cheerful! It really brightens up my instagram feed! I’d like to see more Tunisian crochet, the pouches and cushions you’ve made are lovely so I’d love tutorials or patterns using that.

  4. Congratulations on being published! I’d love to know what inspires you as an artist and designer. I’d love to see more tutorials for beginners (with pictures since I’m new to this). Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. Hi I love specially your color choices, I would love to know more about that, your inspiration, and patterns of course!
    Thanks and congrats on the feature!

  6. Hello! Its lovely and colourful here. My suggestion is another crochet along. It ticks so many boxes, inspiration, tutirial, colours choices, getting lots of your followers involved! It could be for a charity or cause of some sort to raise awareness. Or just for fun!

  7. Hi – I am new to your blog having just followed the link from FB. I’ve signed up for your newsletter and will be dropping by. It all looks lovely – the squircles blanket is very unusual. I love grey as a foil to bright colours. More of the same, I would say, in answer to your question about what more I would like to see 🙂 Kathryn http://www.crafternoontreats.com

  8. I would love some home décor patterns please. On a fixed budget I don’t always get yo buy patterns and I have a lot of yarn handed down from my mother. 🙂

  9. I love everything about your site. The colours are so energetic. At this time of year I’m starting to think about Christmas, so I’d love some ideas for presents especially ones I can put in my handbag and take out and about with me. Congratulations for being in the mag. I’m a subscriber from day one x

  10. Can’t wait to see my next issue. Congratulations. I love the cushion crochet along but wish I could print pattern.

  11. Eccept me I love nothing special but every moment playing with yarn and making fascinating project…love every stitch work.

  12. I’ve just discovered your blog and your fabulous crochet items. Lovely colours! I would like to see a bag pattern or two as I like things I make to be useful!

  13. I Would love if you can explain/teach how did you choose the colors in every single project that you made… Patterns and tutorials please!!! 😀

  14. I’d love to see a feature on you with questions from your fans. Mine would be ‘where do the ideas for your patterns come from?’

  15. Love your blog with the vibrant colors you use. Congratulations for your work on the magazine. Thanks for this opportunity. Love peace and crochet.Gabriela

  16. So thrilled that your creativity is being celebrated in ‘Simply Crochet’ . I would really love to see mor creativity and innovation like ‘Squircles’. ‘Tis alway a delight following your blog.

  17. I love your colours! Your choices are always wonderfull. Thanks for the inspiration!
    What I would like to see more! Mmhhhh…. I know! More posts, more posts, more posts!!! :-)))))
    Love, bianca

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