Fab-ify your flip flops


Why just wear ordinary flip flops when you can wear FABULOUS flip flops that are uniquely you.

This is a great stash buster project that uses the tiniest bits of yarn and can be done in an afternoon.

Use the colours I’ve used here or let your imagination loose and go wild.  Make them your own!


What you’ll need:

  • 3mm hook
  • Flip Flops:  I got mine from a large department store starting with ‘T’ for $4.00
  • Needle & thread
  • 4 ply cotton yarn (3ply works well too – just go down one hook size)


Colours used:  L-R Coral, Salmon, Dk Mint, Lt Mint, Grey, White

Let the making begin:


  • US terms used
  • Ch – chain
  • SC – single crochet (AU/UK DC)
  • Please read through all instructions before you start

Step 1:  Refer to colour chart above for colour guidance, Ch 10, turn

Step 2:  SC into 2nd ch from hook, sc 8, turn

Step 3:  Ch1, SC 9 following chart from row 3.  Repeat this step through to Row 76*

* My giant size 9 hoofs took 76 rows.  This may vary depending on your size.  You can check the length required towards the end by draping your work across and around the strap of your flip flops to get an idea of how far to go.

** Keep scrolling down to see the bits about changing colours and dealing with those pesky tail ends.



Changing colours:  Pull new colour through loop on

hook (this makes a chain stitch with the new colour),

turn, and continue on following pattern.


Crochet over the ends as you go.  You’ll

thank me later.


Step 4:   Once you’ve reached the desired length it’s time to stitch them up


* Wrap your strip around the flip flop strap as far down to the base as you can go.

* Bring edges together

* Insert your needle into the bottom corner of one side and make a small stitch over to

the other side to secure.

* Work your way up the strip, stitch from one side to the other (Mattress Stitch)

*Don’t worry too much about perfect little stitches here as they will be hidden.


* It’s a little bit awkward stitching around the in-between-toe-thingy

but as you’ll see in the photo, I’ve just made a few big stitches

and they are holding well.


Voila!  Now step out in style in your fabulous flip flops.


14 thoughts on “Fab-ify your flip flops

  1. I found this pic on Pinterest ages ago, but only just found your blog. It’s awesome to see another crochet peep from Melbourne! Love your work, especially your colours. 😀

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