Colour Crush – Gelato


It’s no secret I love colour and it seems you all do too going by your feedback.

I’m often asked how I choose my colours and it’s not such an easy question to answer.

I’m inspired by so many different colour combinations and I tend to choose my colours on instinct rather than theory.  If I were to analyse my colour choices I’d say I  have a very strong preference for Secondary and Tertiary shades and really don’t like Primary colours together.

At the beginning of the year I had the bright idea of starting a year long project where I planned to make hexies from whatever colour palette that inspired me that week.

The idea was to then join them all together into one big blanket.  In my minds eye I would either end up with one big spectacular technicolour masterpiece or one big vomity epic fail.

Whichever way it went I was enthusiastic about my 52 Palette project.  Well …. enthusiastic for about 4 weeks into the year before other bright shiny things caught my attention and the idea fell down the back of the couch.

But as we speed towards the end of the year I feel inspired again to dust it off and make it happen and why not make it a regular blog feature too !

So to start things off, here we have what I would call my ‘signature palette’ – Bright Gelato.  These are my absolute favourite, happy colours.  With Aqua being my most happiest colour!


Watermelon, Tangerine, Aqua, Bubblegum Pink, Rose Pink, Yellow,Cornflower Blue, Lime, Turquoise and Violet

And here they are made up …


And some more. Look what the postie just delivered for a custom blanket order …


What are your happy colours ?


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