Tunisian Sunset – a new pattern


Hooray!  I’ve finally finished writing up the pattern for my new blanket – Tunisian Sunset.  Isn’t she pretty!


If you follow me on instagram you would’ve seen her in the making and I just loved every colourful minute of making this one.  All those pretty sunset-ty colours just make my heart sing and dream of happy sunny places far far away.


Would you like to make one too?  Well, the good news is that you can.  I’ve just popped the pattern up in my etsy and ravelry stores.  To celebrate my excitement of getting through the boring writing bit, you can get yours at 30% off for the next 48 hours only.  Use the code earlybird30 to receive your discount (offer ends Friday 10 June 3pm AEST)

It’s quite an easy make – using only Tunisian Simple stitch and a clever, almost invisible join-as-you go technique.  It’s also the perfect project to pick up in your spare moments and complete a square here and there and before you know it, you’ll have a finished blanket.

Oh! and it’s a great pattern for stash-busting too.  Here’s another version I’m working on using up all my bit’s and bobs of DK yarn.  The squares are slightly smaller in this one but the technique is the same ..


If you’ve never tried Tunisian crochet before but would love to have a go at making this blanket (go on … you know you want to 😉 , I have a tutorial on how to do Tunisian Simple Stitch over here at My Poppet blog.  Once you’ve mastered this stitch you’re good to go and will have found a new craft addiction too!


Until next time

Michelle x


17 thoughts on “Tunisian Sunset – a new pattern

  1. Total bummer. Wonderful idea and beautiful pattern. I love sunset-ty colours. I really want this pattern. Can i still use this code earlybird30 ? Pls advise.I will be subscribing you for more posts like this..

  2. Hi! in your pattern, do you explain how to do invisible join-as-you go technique?
    i didn’t found any tutorial and i need to know!

    (sorry my english, im from chile and we speak spanish :P)

  3. Hi. I bought this pattern (which I love) through Etsy, and I have a quick question for you. First of all, I’m a leftie, so I don’t know if that is messing me up, or something else, but I have a sort of weird seam where the second strip joins the first. It doesn’t look like you have this seam in your picture, though. So here is my question: on the first stitch of a return pass, right after you have gone through the double loops of the previous strip, do you just go through one loop, like in a traditional Tunisian pattern, or do you start by going through two loops? Thanks!

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