Vivo Throw – a new pattern


vivo throw pattern by

Hooray it’s new pattern day!

Do you remember my Vivo bolster cushion from a couple of years ago now?  Well, she now has a matching throw!

As soon as I finished the cushion I wanted to make a blanket version but then the idea got put on hold for awhile …. then life stuff got in the way …. then I actually made the blanket (a whole year ago now)  ….. then life stuff got in the way … again! …. but now here we are and I’m relieved to finally tick this one off the list and release the pattern into the world!

craft roomHere she is sitting at the top of the ‘to do list’ aka the ‘ladder of shame’ in my new craft room in my new house… one of the life things that got in the way of writing up the pattern.  Building houses and crochet pattern writing don’t mix well together I’ve found!

Now that we’ve settled into our new place though there is no excuse not to get the patterns written up for everything else hanging there glaring at me accusingly 😉 Stay tuned for these!

In the meantime, let’s get back to Vivo…

vivo throw crochet pattern by poppy and blissJust like the cushion version, the blanket is created using tapestry crochet and textured stitches to create the designs. The pattern is rated as intermediate, mainly for all the colour changes but it is not as complicated as it looks using only basic stitches and each design element is set out in strips with easy to follow short pattern repeats for each throw crochet pattern by poppy and blissDon’t be put off by all those ends!  With a little bit of magic and a little bit of cheating we’ll deal with those pesky bits without any weaving in.

The pattern also includes a quick guide to tapestry crochet, photo tutorials for the special stitches used and full colour charts for each design.

There are two versions of the pattern available. One written in US terms and one using UK/Aus terms.

You can find the pattern here:

Ravelry   Both US & UK versions are included in download 

Etsy    US Version     UK Version

Love Crochet  US Version   UK Version

Remember sharing is caring.  If you make your very own Vivo Throw don’t forget to show us all your beautiful creation by tagging your pics with #vivothrow or add your project to the Vivo Throw Ravelry page.

I hope you enjoy.


Until next time Michelle x



2 thoughts on “Vivo Throw – a new pattern

  1. I love this viva throw, but I have never done tapestry crochet before. I’ve done some advanced patterns. Do you think I could do your pattern or should I start with something easier first?

    • Hi Olivia

      I would encourage you to give it a go. Tapestry crochet is not hard it just takes a little more concentration and counting which is why I’ve rated it intermediate but if you’ve tackled advanced crochet patterns before I think you’ll be fine.

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