Pegboard Baskets – free pattern


I was given some Ribbon XL yarn to try some time ago by the lovely Gwen from Hoooked and have finally had the chance to have a little play with it.

I’m on an organising kick at the moment and needed some pretty storage solutions to control my mess (ahem … creativity ūüėČ so these handy little ¬†baskets were just the thing I needed and are the¬†perfect size for storing all your bits and bobs. ¬†I’m hanging mine on my pegboard but they can be hung anywhere you like.

Made in my favourite stitch, the Linen Stitch, which gives them a wonderful woven texture.  I’ve included instructions for a basket with a contrast band around the top or you can change colour in any round to make your basket your own.

¬†What you’ll need:

  • hook
  • Ribbon XL yarn¬†‚Äď I‚Äôve used ¬†Mint Green and Sweet Pink. ¬†(I’ve¬†only used 1/2 skein of each colour to make 3 baskets so there’s plenty left over)

US Terms Used (UK terms in brackets)


ch:  chain

pm:   place marker

sc (dc):   single crochet (double crochet)

sk:    skip

st/s:  stitch/es

ss:   slip stitch

yo:  yarn over


Worked in spiral rounds. Place marker in first st of each round, moving marker up as you go.


Round 1:  Make a magic ring  (or ch 4 and join with a ss).  6 sc (dc) into ring

Round 2:  2 sc (dc) into each st to end (12 sc (dc) )

Round 3:  * 1 sc (dc), 2 sc (dc) into next st. Repeat from * to end ( 18 sc (dc) )

Round 4:  * 2 sc (dc), 2 sc (dc) into next st. Repeat from * to end ( 24 sc (dc) )

Round 5:  * 3 sc (dc), 2 sc (dc) into next st. Repeat from * to end ( 30 sc (dc) )


Round 6:   sc (dc) into first st, * ch 1, sk next st, sc (dc) into next st. Repeat from * to last st, sc into last st

Round 7:  sc (dc) into first st, * ch 1, sc (dc) into next ch sp. Repeat from * to end.

Rounds 8 ‚Äď 10: ¬†Work as for Round 7. Change colour at the end of Round 10 (when you have 2 loops left on your hook for the last st, yo with new colour and pull through to complete st). ¬†Fasten off main colour.

Rounds 11 ‚Äď 13: ¬†Continuing on in contrast colour, work as for Round 7. (Linen stitch pattern ends after Round 13)

Round 14:  ss into first st, Ch 5, skip next 4 sps and sts (2 sps and 2 sts), sc (dc) into next st, sc (dc) into each sp and st to end

Handle:  5 sc (dc) over ch sts from previous round, join with a ss into next sc (dc) of previous round. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Happy hooking!

Michelle x