Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Pattern

ChristmasTree_NewHello friends 🙂

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas !?  Nope.  Me either!  My head is still firmly stuck way back in June somewhere and I’m not at all ready to start thinking about Turduckens or Christmas cheer.

Despite my un-christmasy mood,  I’ve put together a quick and easy pattern for you to deck your halls (or tree).

So without further ado here ’tis…

Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree

Edit:  You can now get an ad free, print friendly version here on: Ravelry | Etsy |Love Crochet

Finished size: 13 cm

What you’ll need:

  • 3 mm hook
  • Small amounts 8 ply/DK cotton yarn. I’ve used various brands from my stash but a stiffer cotton works better than a soft cotton for these.
  • Aprox 13g for the tree
  • Aprox 3 g each in 6 different colours for the baubles
  • Yarn needle

Tip:  You can use any weight yarn for these but they will turn out a different size.  Use a hook smaller than you normally would for your yarn so that your work is nice and firm.

US Terms Used (UK/Aus terms in brackets)


ch –               chain

sc (dc) –      single crochet (double crochet)

hdc (htr) – half double crochet (half treble)

ss –              slip stitch


Tree – Make 1

Foundation row: Ch 182

Row 1:  Hdc (htr) into 3rd ch from hook, hdc (htr) up to last ch, 5 hdc (htr) into last ch

Row 2: Turn work upside down and work into bottom loop of ch, hdc (htr) up to last st, 4 hdc (htr) into last st. Join with a ss into top of beginning ch-2.  Fasten off and weave ends in.

Baubles – make 6

Worked in spiral rounds

Start:  Leaving a long tail (about an arms length) to be used for stuffing later, make a magic circle

Round 1:  working into ring, ch 1 (not counted as a st), 6 sc (dc)

Round 2:  2 sc (dc) into each st (12 sc/dc)

Round 3:  12 sc (dc)

Round 4:  * skip one st, sc (dc) into next st.  Repeat from * 5 more times, stopping half way to insert stuffing (roll long yarn tail into a rough ball shape and squish into half closed ball.  Use the blunt end of your hook to help push it all in before you finish closing).  Join with a ss.

Fasten off and bury yarn end back up through centre of ball.  Clip closely.



Step 1:  Lay your tree piece out on a flat surface and fold end back aprox 8.5 cm


Step 2:  Keep folding up, making each fold slightly shorter than the last until it looks something like this


Step 3:  Place your first bauble at the base of your tree and continue up, placing baubles between 2 layers of each fold (see pic). You’ll probably have to fiddle a bit to get your folds looking right (and will need to fiddle even more when you start sewing in a minute)

When you’re happy with your tree shape, thread your needle with a length of yarn aprox 40 cm, using the colour of your choice (this will also become the hanging loop)


Step 4:  Starting with the bottom bauble, secure your thread with a couple of small stitches in the centre top of the bauble (you won’t see this as this side will rest up against the bottom of the tree)


Step 5:  Take your needle up through the first layers, pick up your next bauble and run needle up through the centre and then through the next set of layers.

Continue joining together this way until all baubles are attached.tree_6

Step 6:  Give the tail end a little tug to tighten (don’t pull too hard or you’ll squish your baubles out of shape).


Step 7:  Make a hanging loop with the remaining yarn by going back down through the centre of the top bauble and make a few small stitches into the bottom of the bauble and the top layer of the tree to secure.

Give your tree a little ‘foof’ and hang for everyone to admire.


Until next time

Michelle x


107 thoughts on “Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Pattern

  1. These are so cute and your clear directions make it sound so easy. I love the clever stuffing. Simple is always good! Thank you for sharing.

  2. ah yes could be that alright, i tried it again with fewer stitches and it looked like the picture. It’s sparkle red wool i got in Dealz. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I’m still learning with wool tensions. 🙂 Thanks again. Appreciated

  3. I love these! Modern and cute too. I have made 3 red ones so far using red heart super saver yarn and will make 3 more green ones to make a line of them at my window. Thankyou for a great design and easy pattern to follow 🙂

  4. love the tree!!! I’m using a variegated thinker yarn…a tad fuzzy and thicker is spots…using a 3.25 hook…nearly 2 sizes smaller than the yarn requires….turning out well!

    when putting the tree “together” I took another small hook and poked it through the base of the tree to hold it together 🙂 then i placed the balls next to it and drew the needle through 🙂 works like a charm!

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  9. I made this, slight smaller to suit, and the result is great! One suggestion that worked for me – I left a long tail to begin, and used the beginning end as the top, then used the tail instead of a separate thread.

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  14. Hi 🙂
    These trees are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am having trouble stuffing the baubles with the tail, its really hard to get in there and mine are ending up kind of oval shaped 😦 yours looks perfect do you have any tips or ideas to help?
    Thanks xo

    • Hi Grace it is a bit fiddly, I didn’t do anything special except to use the end of my hook to get the yarn stuffed in and give them a squish with my fingers to make them more rounded. Maybe cut some of your tail off and try with less yarn might help. Cheers Michelle 🙂

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  22. Wow!!
    This is amazing!! So unusual, I’ve never seem anything like this before. So modern for something that has been crocheted…. Forget making Sunday lunch, I’m starting on this immediately!!!

    …pizza anyone???

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  24. These are adorable. If you don’t want to make the baubles, you could use those fuzzy Pom-poms and just be careful when assembling to not pull too tightly.

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  30. Just wondering – when you say foundation row:CH182, do you mean you have to do the foundation chain, a normal chain then start the next step, OR do you mean do your chains, do sc to make the chain stiff and not turn then start the next step.

    Seems lately I’ve been seeing foundation chain on patterns and everyone wants you to do something different with it. I really want to give this a go, but want to clarify which way you mean first. Thanks!

      • Not a problem at all!!
        Thank you for the clarification. 🙂 Its greatly appreciated. (It did however, force me to learn how to do the foundation chain and it actually looks pretty great! (though, I only got about 10 stitches along haha)

  31. Wow! What a discovery! I love everything I’ve seen here at your place… I’ve “landed” following the link to your feathers: such a wonderful idea and pattern: thank you so much for sharing it for free! I’ve become your devoted follower! ^_^

  32. I have made quite a few of these, all different sizes, some of the smaller ones with beads. They are so pretty!! Thank you for the instructions. They were up so quickly.

  33. They have been here for a few years but every autumn en winter these cute trees pop up again, so I have to make a few as they are so cute and kidsproof. Thanks for the instructions.

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  35. Cute little decorations. I am going to give them a try. I am a fairly new crocheter and am not sure what the dc in () means after the sc? ” 2 sc (dc) into each st (12 sc/dc)”

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  38. I dub thee as the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT… LOL! Thanks so much for sharing! I love seeing this pattern pop up every year in time for Christmas. ! It’s such a versatile pattern and so quick and easy to whip up a few for Ornaments and gift appliqués instead of curly ribbons! Thanks again Michelle.

    • Hi Theresa, I haven’t tried with beads myself but I know others have. You could use the same instructions I’ve given here just substituting your beads for the crochet beads Ive used here.

  39. Thank you so much! Every year I try to put something special as package toppers and these will be perfect. They look simple, versatile and quick. I’m going to try using bells as someone mentioned, I don’t have luck getting needles and yarn through beads. I love the ad free version so I got it on Ravelry. I’ll also be following you from now on!! 🧶 🎄

  40. Fairly new to crocheting and have a question. In the Tree pattern, Row 2, what does it mean to turn work “upside down”? I don’t really understand this step. Can you help?

  41. I’m several years late to the party here, but just wanted to say that I stumbled on to this little gem and made my first one of these today … and I absolutely love it! I used the yarn I had handy which was Schweppes Stonewashed. I used 4mm hook for the “tree” and 3.5mm for the baubles. My finished item is 6” tall and 4” at the widest. I think it will be perfect for a garland/bunting type decoration! I will probably make smaller ones to go on packages for Christmas this next year. Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern!

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