Crochet Christmas Tree Decorations

Crochet Christmas Tree Decorations by Poppy & BlissHello there my bloggy friends!  How are you?  Coping with the Christmas rush I hope!

I’m super busy here with a big project on the go that is keeping me away from the computer and Instagram .  I’m missing my little community and feel like I’ve lost touch, but keeping up with it all was really becoming a huge drainer.  As much as I love my social media and blog feed, they can be such a time suck can’t they? So, to get things done and meet my deadlines I’ve had to be super strict with myself and stay away from the evil temptations of internet/instagram land.

Anyhoo, enough about my woes.  Here’s a quick little project to brighten up your Christmas.  I’ve just popped the tutorial up over at My Poppet.  Make a couple to hang on your tree or attach to a gift.  They would also look cute strung together as a garland.

Crochet Christmas Tree Decorations by Poppy & BlissI’ll be back in the new year so until then have a safe and merry festive season.

Michelle xx

More than a Granny Giveaway: And the winner is …



Congratulations Rianne!  Shelley will be in touch with you directly to make arrangements for you to receive your copy of the More than a Granny e-book.  Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments.  I know how much hard work has gone into this fab e-book and your wonderful feedback has been gratefully received by Shelley I’m sure.

Sorry to those that missed out this time but you can pre-order your very own copy here.

Until next time

Michelle x

Book review and a giveaway


It is my great pleasure today to introduce you to my lovely friend Shelley from Spincushions.  Shelley has just written a new e-book  More Than a Granny – 20 Versatile Crochet Square Patterns which I will review later in the post but let’s get to know Shelley first …

Can you tell us a little about yourself  Shelley?

I’m Shelley and I love to design crochet squares.  I live with my hubby & 3 girls in rural Victoria by the sea.  I’ve always been a crafty girl, trying my hand at many crafts over the years.  My current obsession is crochet, but I also knit and embroider when the mood strikes me.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration for me is either there in my face or more subtle.  Sometimes I have a specific idea that I must try to create, other times, I let the yarn and hook work their magic as I go with no clear aim in mind.  I have designed an entire throw based around the sea. Most of the patterns for that I designed with the as I went method.  After I had finished  a few blocks, I realised the sea had made it’s way into them and so I decided to go with that and designed blocks with clear imagery in mind such as whale’s tails and waves. Both ways suit me.

How does your creative process work?

 My creative process is getting more organised.  When I first began crochet designs, I would randomly come up with patterns with no specific purpose.  These days, I have more complete ideas and tend to see the through to fruition, attempting to finish one before moving on to the next idea.

How did you get started?

I got started crocheting when I was 10 and I helped my Mum make a granny square blanket for my new baby sister.  When that was finished, I didn’t touch a hook for more years than I care to mention.  I felt the urge to move on from my previous crafty endeavour about 3 years ago and turned my hands and mind to crochet.  I began with a 25 pattern sampler blanket that started with a granny square and moved on to more complex designs.  I really loved that process so when that was finished, I ran my own CAL over 52 weeks, sourcing patterns from all over the internet.  Before that came to an end, I had started designing my own patterns.  I can’t seem to stop designing now.

What are your future plans?

My plans for the future include more ebooks, The next couple will be all about complete novices getting started.  I love to teach others the joys of hook in hand, so my aim is to teach those who’ve struggled before to learn.  I believe anyone can do it.  I plan on starting with a How to Crochet a Granny Square ebook, and follow that with a book that teaches folks how to read crochet patterns and go Beyond the Granny Square.  In between all the beginner stuff, I am sure I will be keeping my hand in designing more complex designs and More than a Granny will have a follow up ebook at some stage. Away from ebooks, I will be running crochet workshops locally and still designing patterns for Ravelry and my Etsy shop.

Do you have any creative advice to others who are inspired but don’t know where to start?

My advice for anyone wanting to get moving on their creative idea is just go for it!  What’s the worst that can happen? Be prepared to break the rules, once you’ve learned them. Get out there on social media and share what you’re up to with other creative types.  I love the support and friendship I have received on Instagram.  You don’t have to set up an etsy shop and do it all as soon as you start.  Take your time and really develop your ideas.  Let things flow naturally and I am sure your creativity will show.

Thanks for sharing Shelley.  I love learning more about what makes people tick.


And now for my book review.  I’m no wordsmith when it comes to these things so here is a list of my 5 Favourite Things About This Book

1   I like the variety of designs included in this book. There is something to suit all tastes ranging from pretty and flowery right through to simple and plain (but still stunning)

2   I like the clear layout of the book and easy to follow instructions. I especially like the stitch dictionary with ‘how-to’ video links included for those who are more visual learners.

3   The hints and tips included to help you achieve a seamless, professional finish to you work.

4   The versatility of the 20 designs. All would look equally fab together or you could select your favourite few to make stunning blankets or cushions.

5   I like that the patterns range in skill levels from easy to a little tricky. Something for everyone in here from beginner level to those wanting something a little more challenging.

It really is a great addition to your crochet library and I’m sure it will be one you will refer back to often.


Would you love your very own copy of More Than a Granny?  I’m running a little giveaway and will select one lucky reader to receive a special advance copy.  Leave a comment and a random winner will be selected next week. In the meantime, you can find out more about the e-book and how to order your own copy over on Shelley’s blog here

Until next time

Michelle x





DIY Crochet Market Bag Pattern


Hello lovely bloggy friends

I’m back from my New Zealand trip and had the time of my life over there.  More on that later but for now I’ve just popped up a free pattern to make this crochet Market Bag over at My Poppet.  It’s a quick, easy make and as well as being very handy, good for the environment too.

Talk soon

Michelle x

The Loop List :: Modern Crochet

Hi there bloggy friends

I’m starting this week off with another new regular feature – The Loop List.

Each fortnight I’ll be sharing all the lovely things that inspire me and keep me pinned to Pinterest  for way too many hours.

This week’s theme is Modern Crochet.  Oh how I love thee!  Although there is a place in my heart for traditional crochet, my one true love is simple, elegant design with a twist (or a pop).

It may be a bit minimalist for some but for me, keeping it simple shows off the true beauty of the design and detail.

Here are just a few of my favourites….



 The stunning Mono Spot blanket by my lovely friend Adele from 3 Beans in a Pod

Adele is busily writing up this pattern as we speak and it should be available soon.


I have a crochet crush on Michelle from Crayon Chick

Michelle’s work is always impeccable and original.  Simply elegant !


 I love these colourful floor cushions from the

Etsy shop of  la casa decoto

Modern Crochet Book

This book by Molla Mills is on my birthday wish list.

I hope the Birthday Fairy is reading this.

triangle cushion pattern

Free pattern for this cute cushion from the Solstrikke blog.

I think I might make a few!

Until next time

Michelle x

Tutorial: Tapestry Crochet Coin Purse

Tapestry Crochet Coin Purse Tutorial

Update:  A printable version of this pattern can now be be found here

Hello lovely bloggy friends

Have you ever tried Tapestry Crochet?  It’s so much fun and easy too!

I’ve just popped up a free tutorial to make these cute and practical little coin purses over on My Poppet blog.

They’re quick and easy to make and a great way to learn new tricks and use up all those scraps.

Enjoy xx

Colour Crush – Gelato


It’s no secret I love colour and it seems you all do too going by your feedback.

I’m often asked how I choose my colours and it’s not such an easy question to answer.

I’m inspired by so many different colour combinations and I tend to choose my colours on instinct rather than theory.  If I were to analyse my colour choices I’d say I  have a very strong preference for Secondary and Tertiary shades and really don’t like Primary colours together.

At the beginning of the year I had the bright idea of starting a year long project where I planned to make hexies from whatever colour palette that inspired me that week.

The idea was to then join them all together into one big blanket.  In my minds eye I would either end up with one big spectacular technicolour masterpiece or one big vomity epic fail.

Whichever way it went I was enthusiastic about my 52 Palette project.  Well …. enthusiastic for about 4 weeks into the year before other bright shiny things caught my attention and the idea fell down the back of the couch.

But as we speed towards the end of the year I feel inspired again to dust it off and make it happen and why not make it a regular blog feature too !

So to start things off, here we have what I would call my ‘signature palette’ – Bright Gelato.  These are my absolute favourite, happy colours.  With Aqua being my most happiest colour!


Watermelon, Tangerine, Aqua, Bubblegum Pink, Rose Pink, Yellow,Cornflower Blue, Lime, Turquoise and Violet

And here they are made up …


And some more. Look what the postie just delivered for a custom blanket order …


What are your happy colours ?

and the winners are …


Hi hi …. so sorry I am a bit late with announcing the winners of the pattern giveaway.  Yesterday was one of ‘those’ days and things did not go to plan.

Anyway here I am now and without further ado the lucky winners have been randomly drawn.  Congratulations ladies!  I will send you an email shortly with details of how to claim your prize.

Thank you all so much for your feedback.  I have big plans to include more tutorials and patterns and much, much more ….

Until next time

Michelle x


Focus and Giggles


Hello my bloggy friends

I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting my act together.

Since I chucked in the corporate world and made the decision to become Poppy & Bliss full time last year I’ve spent way too much precious time faffing about with no focus.

Needless to say that flitting about from one thing to the next doesn’t get you very far.  So here I am, making a commitment to myself and to the internet that I am now pulling my finger out and getting stuff done.

The thought of going back to a ‘real’ job just makes me ill and life is just too short not to do what you are passionate about.   My passion is crochet – I live it, breathe it, dream it.

My vision for Poppy & Bliss is to inspire, educate and share this wonderful craft with others.  As well as developing some new ideas (more on these later), I’ve been working on lots of new posts for the blog which I hope you will enjoy.

Still a bit of work to do there yet but hope to get this little blog of mine filled up with interesting, useful and inspiring information.

I don’t want my blog to be all ‘buy my stuff’ but here’s a new pattern I’ve just popped in my Etsy and Ravelry stores.

This one, I started writing 10 weeks ago according to my instagram feed.  Ooops – I got distracted by other bright shiny things along the way.

Anyway, here it is – ‘Giggles’ is quick and easy to make and would look fab in a kid’s room don’t you think?


Well, I best get back to this focus business.

Until next time – happy hooking

Michelle x


Fab-ify your flip flops


Why just wear ordinary flip flops when you can wear FABULOUS flip flops that are uniquely you.

This is a great stash buster project that uses the tiniest bits of yarn and can be done in an afternoon.

Use the colours I’ve used here or let your imagination loose and go wild.  Make them your own!


What you’ll need:

  • 3mm hook
  • Flip Flops:  I got mine from a large department store starting with ‘T’ for $4.00
  • Needle & thread
  • 4 ply cotton yarn (3ply works well too – just go down one hook size)


Colours used:  L-R Coral, Salmon, Dk Mint, Lt Mint, Grey, White

Let the making begin:


  • US terms used
  • Ch – chain
  • SC – single crochet (AU/UK DC)
  • Please read through all instructions before you start

Step 1:  Refer to colour chart above for colour guidance, Ch 10, turn

Step 2:  SC into 2nd ch from hook, sc 8, turn

Step 3:  Ch1, SC 9 following chart from row 3.  Repeat this step through to Row 76*

* My giant size 9 hoofs took 76 rows.  This may vary depending on your size.  You can check the length required towards the end by draping your work across and around the strap of your flip flops to get an idea of how far to go.

** Keep scrolling down to see the bits about changing colours and dealing with those pesky tail ends.



Changing colours:  Pull new colour through loop on

hook (this makes a chain stitch with the new colour),

turn, and continue on following pattern.


Crochet over the ends as you go.  You’ll

thank me later.


Step 4:   Once you’ve reached the desired length it’s time to stitch them up


* Wrap your strip around the flip flop strap as far down to the base as you can go.

* Bring edges together

* Insert your needle into the bottom corner of one side and make a small stitch over to

the other side to secure.

* Work your way up the strip, stitch from one side to the other (Mattress Stitch)

*Don’t worry too much about perfect little stitches here as they will be hidden.


* It’s a little bit awkward stitching around the in-between-toe-thingy

but as you’ll see in the photo, I’ve just made a few big stitches

and they are holding well.


Voila!  Now step out in style in your fabulous flip flops.